Legal and Corporate Counseling

Our consultants provide focused, practical advice to individuals, families, entrepreneurs, corporations, limited liability companies.

If you are starting a business, we can advise you on choice and formation of business entities. We can assist in the negotiation and documentation of relationships among founders, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

  • Incorporations of companies

Advising on the legal requirements for establishing limited liability and joint venture companies, branch offices, and agencies in Azerbaijan.

  • Tendering

Study and analysis of local and international tender documents for industrial and construction projects as well as supply contracts. Advising and drafting legal and commercial reservations to minimize legal and commercial risks.

  • Preparation of contracts

Expert advice, negotiating and drafting international contracts, including contracts for industrial projects, agency agreements, pre-bidding agreements, technical assistance agreements and related documents.

  • Corporate services

Expert advice on merger and acquisition as well as support in development of prospectus for issuance of debt securities and shares.