The priority direction of AS Prof Logistics business is supply chain management of industrial enterprises. From long-term production planning, delivery of raw materials, warehousing and in-plant transport infrastructure, loading and unloading operations to the organization of rhythmic shipments of finished products, interaction with stations, stevedores, transshipment and freight. As part of the industrial logistics service, we provide services for the transportation of raw materials and finished products by rail and other modes of transport.
Advantages of working with us:
• reduction of transport and logistics costs;
• improvement of logistics technology;
• shorter delivery times;
• rhythm of work;
• guarantee of import / export of raw materials and finished products;
• an increase in the supply of raw materials;
• reduction of workflow;
If you are interested in the industrial logistics service, you can clarify the necessary additional information from the specialists of our company by sending a request by mail:
AS Prof Logistics offers transportation services in regular container and wagons from Europe, Turkey, across Russia, the CIS, as well as in export / import direction through the Republic of Azerbaijan As part of the service, we are ready to provide customers with a range of additional services through the door-to-door system - terminal handling of cargo, its delivery to the departure station and from the destination station to the final destination by road.
Our services:
• transportation of perishable and secure cargo;
• prompt information on the movement of cargo;
• insurance;
• scheduled trains;
• documentary support;
AS Prof Logistics provides a range of freight forwarding and empty rolling stock services. We are ready to transport any of your cargo by rail in all kinds of rolling stock (gondola cars, boxcars, platforms, tanks, hoppers, conveyors, etc.). In addition to the basic transportation service, upon request of the client, it is possible to provide comprehensive forwarding services.
Our services :
• supply of railway rolling stock;
• organization of multimodal transportation;
• services of the consignor / consignee;
• responsible storage of cargo;
• coordination of plans for rail transportation;
• contract logistics;
International transportation:
• Forwarding services (payment of freight charges, organization of loading wagons);
Advantages of working with us:
• wide agent network in the world;
• reducing the cost of forwarding;
AS prof Logistics - AS Prof Logistics service for the delivery of small and consolidated shipments. We offer our customers the optimal solution for sending goods weighing from 20 kg by all modes of transport to anywhere in the world.
Our services:
• door-to-door delivery;
• integrated transport and logistics services 3PL, 4PL (for the delivery of small and consolidated shipments of goods by rail, road and air transport to the customer’s door);
• delivery of oversized, heavy and temperature-sensitive cargo;
• packaging and labeling;
• storage response;
• loading and unloading operations;
• consolidation, de-consolidation;
• repacking;
• transshipment;
• palletizing;
• customs clearance;
• daily dislocation of cargo along the line;
• security at all stages of transportation;
• insurance and freight forwarding;
• transportation to hard-to-reach regions (including passenger cars);
• individual conditions for legal entities;
• toll-free hotline;
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As part of this service, we work with industrial enterprises that transfer the functions of their transport unit to an external logistics company. We rely on the understanding of the technological, production and internal processes of the client, which includes working with the production plan and delivery schedule, the use of digital and IT technologies, the use of integrated solutions for managing transport and warehouse logistics. Who is relevant for?
• enterprises with railway infrastructure (access roads, locomotives, railway shop);
• enterprises that have in the cost of production a significant share of transportation costs;
• newly created enterprises;
Logistic outsourcing can significantly reduce the transportation costs of the manufacturer, including staff costs.
Advantages of working with us:
• an opportunity to focus on the company's main business process;
• reduction of investment in the maintenance of transport infrastructure;
• increase in labor productivity;
• increase in deliveries by rail;
AS Prof Logistics transports along the East-West and North-South international transport corridors. We provide customers with quality service, provide all the necessary additional services and guarantee the safety of cargo throughout the journey. AS Prof Logistics is ready to offer a full range of logistics services for shippers in ports, as well as cargo transshipment. We organize the loading and removal of products by rail / road to the final recipient, unloading to a warehouse / direct “ship-car” variant, resolve all issues regarding the interaction of shipowners, the port and owners of rolling stock / vehicles, provide monitoring services for the transport process in the ports. Thus, our specialists contribute to the minimum time spent in the port and reduce customer costs.
Our services:
cargo handling;
- general;
- oversized;
- teams;
- bulk
- freight
Advantages of working with us:
consolidation of the cargo base;
delivery "just in time";
increase in turnover of warehouses;
AS Prof Logistics offers a comprehensive service for the design and implementation non-standard logistic solutions for technologically complex projects. We provide customers full service "turn key" - from the design of transport and logistics delivery schemes, the manufacture of drawings and cargo securing schemes to the installation and transportation of heavy and oversized cargo using these types of transport. Our experts are ready to take on the transportation of any oversized and oversized agricultural and construction equipment, metallurgical, oil and gas, power equipment, machine tools, railway rails, equipment and much more.
Our services:
• transportation of oversized cargo by any type of transport, including specialized rolling stock;
• development of optimal transport and logistics delivery schemes for domestic and export-import shipments;
• production of drawings and fastening schemes, coordination with AS Prof Logistics and all responsible authorities;
• provision of rolling stock for auxiliary equipment, by-pass cargoes as cover wagons;
• loading and unloading, fixing equipment, cleaning the rolling stock;
AS Prof Logistics provides logistics consulting services - intellectual services for the development of integrated and system solutions to logistics problems with the purpose of optimizing the supply chain management of the enterprise. Logistics consulting is designed optimize the functional areas of logistics - purchasing, warehouse, production, transport, sales, inventory management. Optimization can be done in fragments - for example, it is a technological design of a warehouse system, or in a complex way - the formation concepts of logistics of the company and its development strategy with the optimization of relevant business processes. To assess the possibilities and determine the necessary measures to build the most efficient transport and logistics system enterprises, specialists of our company conduct an audit of existing logistics functions, infrastructure features and production processes in enterprises, analyze cargo flows, identifying "narrow" places. We offer the client economically sound design solutions. to change existing or build fundamentally new logistic models.
Asprof, Logistic, Konsaltinq
AS Prof Logistics closely cooperates with professional brokers and assists clients with customs clearance, export and import clearance, and also all the necessary documentation for the implementation of the goods transported. We offer a full range of services for documentary support of commodity deliveries and preparation to customs clearance.
Available services:
• customs clearance of import and export cargo;
• preparation of a full package of documents;
• continuous monitoring of all stages of the procedure of customs clearance;
• services of a certified customs warehouse;
• representing the client’s interests at customs;
• product certification services;
AS Prof Logistics provides international transportation of goods by rail and ferry to basins of the Caspian and Black Seas, including the chartering of ships in ports.
Service benefits:
• guarantee of transportation within a contractual period;
• timely supply of rolling stock to the ports;
• loading / unloading;
• rhythmic ferry schedule;
• year-round navigation;
• a wide range of rolling stock and types of cargo carried, including dangerous goods;
• minimizing the risks associated with limiting the infrastructure of border crossings;
• the possibility of organizing transportation "door to door";
• rolling stock dislocation;
• customs brokerage;
AS Prof Logistics provides customers with a full range of warehouse services. and responsible storage of goods.
Our services:
• temporary and responsible storage of goods: rack, floor, shelf storage, open areas;
• storage of goods by zones in accordance with the conditionality and cost of goods, types of goods;
• order picking, packing, repacking, labeling, checking;
• loading and unloading operations;
• warehouse reporting;
• inventory of goods;
• attachment documentation;
• registration of transport documentation;